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Once, when we spoke italian without using english terms, this type of structure was called "rent a room".
Us, though not old(!) want to continue to use this term, which is considered a bit archaic , but we love the most, because in spite of everything we feel real Italian...
The way we accommodate is so, "archaic", because we still keep at the values ​​of life. Respect, harmony with all and with the nature that surrounds us, love for our neighbour, we enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, an evening under the stars with friends, a guitar, good wholesome food and good wine.
We tell you these things because this is what we offer to our guests, we think that those who choose us is a person who fully shares this view of life, if you are "reading me" and you think you belong to this category of people, know that we will be happy to meet you and share with you a little bit of this wonderful life... in the meantime we wish you good news...

Meanwhile, Maria Luisa invites you to learn about his native country, Jerzu ..

Institutional site of Jerzu town
Jerzu on Wikipedia


They say about us..
HELLO! there are people who understand at the fly, there are people who don't know the words to express what they would like, but if you look into the eyes words are not necessary! Thanks for everything, a hug.
Dino and Anna
It's really rare to find places where the sheets smell of laundry, where you feel like at home but not from your mother or your grandmother...where every detail tells the pleasure of hosting Maria Luisa and Alessio, this is not you feel like a customer, but a guest ...next time you will be our guests hello see you soon.
Paola Ale Valerio Giulia
Your hospitality is really great. This place evokes beautiful feelings, but most of all your human warmth which we enjoyed. You're both very special people. Hope to see you soon.
Odila and Luigi

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